Bayes Esports Solutions GmbH aus Berlin

Axel-Springer-Strasse 54b, 10117 Berlin, 10117 Berlin

IT-Software - Systeme/Design
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Beschreibung Bayes Esports Solutions GmbH

The world of esports is experiencing explosive growth and with that growth comes a wealth of opportunities. In a billion-dollar industry, where data is king, we at Bayes Esports Solutions have claimed our place as the newest leader in the market. 

With our cutting-edge technology-driven products, we solve real issues that esport organizers, teams and media companies are facing everyday backed up by our very own machine learning algorithms. Partnerships with some of the biggest names in the esports and betting industries put Bayes in a unique position that allows the team to make a real impact in this vibrant and exciting space.

We are passionate gamers at heart—a small, agile team of esports veterans building a truly innovative next-generation data distribution platform. Join us in the heart of Berlin, where startup culture meets metropolitan lifestyle, and work with top talent from all over the world.